Part of being a teaching school enables us to be involved in the most up and coming research projects. We are currently part of the steering group for partnership between EEF and LLP.
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As you may know, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is an independent charity established in 2011, dedicated to breaking the link between family background and educational achievement. In March 2015, the EEF launched a £5 million campaign to improve the impact of teaching assistants (TAs) in English schools and commissioned Sheffield Hallam University to independently evaluate the outcomes.

While previous research had suggested that many English schools do not use TAs in ways that improve pupil outcomes, the interventions and research funded by the EEF demonstrate that TAs who are well trained and deployed in structured settings can boost children's learning by as much as an extra term.

As part of its ongoing campaign, the EEF has sought to engage with new partners, including the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership (LLP). The shared objective of the new EEF/LLP partnership is to unlock the potential of every child and young person in Lincolnshire by radically enhancing outcomes and raising aspirations. This will be accomplished through the systematic development of a school workforce who use evidence about what works in classrooms to promote school improvement and transformation. We will begin this work by examining the use of one of the greatest resources in our schools - our teaching assistants. As with the EEF's initial work, the outcomes will be independently evaluated by Sheffield Hallam University.

Enthuse Partnership Award                     

6 schools from Lincolnshire; including Ambergate, are taking part in a science based action research project, which has been funded through the DfE in partnership with the STEM Centre York. 

This project is focused on developing the role of the science subject leader, with a particular emphasis on understanding how children learn key scientific skills in the Early Years in order to develop a curriculum which equips children to learn scientifically.

Year 1 of the project has just been completed with all science leads reporting that 'working scientifically' has increased throughout their schools. The role of the subject leader is also much stronger with  clearer monitoring and analysis procedures now in place.

Year 2 promises to be just as exciting.......

CPD sessions will also be arranged which all schools will be invited to in order to find out more about the outcomes of the project.